Jeni Capaldo

Commercial Property Manager

Jeni has lived in the Maroondah area for over 35 years, giving her an excellent understanding and intimate knowledge of her local community.

As the Senior Property Manager for Treeby Commercial, Jeni is committed to building and retaining a highly-skilled, client-focused team and continually providing them with opportunities to advance their knowledge base.

Hard work, motivation and professionalism are cornerstones of Jeni’s work ethic and these traits make her an integral member of Treeby Commercial. Highly regarded for setting the bar at offering exceptional service and keeping landlords informed, Jeni looks forward to assisting you with your property management needs.

In the last 10 Years Jeni has Real estate know-how specific to property management covering Risk management, Compliance requirements, Quality assurance and Best work Practice. Flowing from Trust accounting through to property management, customer service and Marketing she understands the start to finish processes of Commercial and Residential Property Management.

Jeni will give you the time and strategies at every stage and will keep you so well informed at all times.

Knowledgeable, personable, understanding and respectful to both Landlords and Tenants, she is wholeheartedly committed to her clients, their investments and business’s and her team.